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How to Get Off the Hamster Wheel

Within the span of thirty minutes, two of the Real Estate industry's top thought leaders  will keep you up-to-date on how to navigate the Real Estate industry. Oftentimes through their witty banter, Jim Lowenstern and Larry Lawfer will successfully convey the ways in which Real Estate goes beyond a profession and career. It is instead your stepping stone to retirement and passive income that will successfully get you off the hamster wheel!

Jim and Larry are unique hosts in that they are completely accessible on Fridays at 2PM. Tune into the show with an open mind and all your questions!

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Jim Lowenstern

Jim has been in the Real Estate industry for over 40 years, managing his company Castles Unlimited and mentoring many young agents along the way. He has experience in every aspect of the business, from building new developments to selling and leasing local properties. Jim advocates for purchasing property in the greater Boston area, stating that it is one of the best investments one can make.

Host, CEO of Castles Unlimited®-eXp

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Lawrence Lawfer

Host, Agent at Castles Unlimited®-eXp

Starting out as Commercial Photographer in his professional life, Larry has always been a straight shooter. Curiosity and creative listening have been an integral part of his daily life since that time. Knowing and not guessing has fueled his interest in process, procedure and people. Larry is a producing agent and part of the Million Dollar Guild. Larry is also active in MAR, GBAR and is on many committees, including his hometown's Milton Historic Study Committee. 

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Watch the show! 

Fridays 2-2:30PM

New Episodes Every Week

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Jim Lowenstern's "Your Million Dollar Month in Real Estate" offers valuable insights into the real estate company, specifically those undergoing large changes. Whether that be pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, a shift towards 100% companies, or moving your brokerage to team to a different Real Estate company, Lowenstern offers you his advice. Moreover, Lowenstern capitalizes on the ways in which you can achieve your million dollar month.

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Your Million Dollar Year In Real Estate is a comprehensive view of the ever changing landscape of the real estate brokerage business told by Jim Lowenstern, a veteran of the industry, who holds multiple licenses in both Florida and Massachusetts. His unique point of view provides him with an unusual platform from which to speak about the future of the business. Jim has crafted this book to give the reader new options with regard to their real estate business. It's a must read for anyone considering a career in real estate and for Realtors who are looking for new streams of income to supplement their current earnings.

Watch Podcast Episodes

Episode 47

Learn more
Episode 47: Featuring Edward and Michelle Schaack. The Schaack are big believers in the Laws of Attraction and that is why they can share information and insight into the lives of others. Not being a secret agent is another part of their success. Listen in and find your new best friends in North Carolina

Episode 45

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Episode 45: Featuring Eli Schaugh. SUCCESS Coach, NLP, and more. I have grown my own businesses by learning to shift my mindset, maintain focus on the task at hand, engage confidence whenever it was needed, and close a sale with integrity and ease. I have studied and implemented ways to communicate more effectively, and as a result, my consultations have improved, my negotiations lead to better outcomes, and I regularly create win-win solutions for my clients. Those same techniques apply to my personal life as well and have helped me significantly improve my relationships and my life as a whole.

Episode 46

Learn more
Episode 46: Featuring Shashank Chauhan. He is one of the top agents in all of India and is available to help you navigate the very busy real estate market. Shashank is well versed in business and marketing practices and is building a strong team.

Episode 44

Learn more
Episode 44: Featuring Debbie Hynes. It is my goal as your full-service real estate company specializing in Monroe County and surrounding Counties including Rochester, Penfield, Pittsford, Fairport, Webster, Brighton, and the Finger Lakes areas, to provide you with superior service at all times. I am a passionate people person! I've taught for over 25 years and loved learning from my students as they learned from me. Buying & selling a home requires the same kind of passion & dedication. I will commit all of my energy & expertise to be there every step of the way in this important life experience. I look forward to serving you! My local expertise and extensive real estate experience will benefit you whether you are serious about buying or selling a home at this time, or are a returning client checking out the many homeowner resources I offer. Providing the standards that you deserve... is my goal!

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