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Growing eXponentially with eXp Realty

Updated: May 17, 2022

By Jim Lowenstern

As it is detailed in my most recent book Your Million Dollar Month in Real Estate, joining eXp Realty is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your company.

eXp Realty, a company that prioritizes its employees by offering them 100% commission and various other resources, was the stepping stone needed for my company, Castles Unlimited, to further excel within the Real Estate industry.

Below, you will find detailed information about eXp as a company, how to join this brokerage, all of the wonderful resources it has to offer, and how to succeed as an eXp representative.

Getting to Know eXp Realty

Created by Glenn Sanford in 2009, eXp Realty is a Real Estate brokerage whose top priority is its agents.

In a mere 13 years, eXp has grown internationally, accumulating a team of over 75,000 agents. This can largely be credited to eXp’s famous cloud-based system, creating an efficient workplace for all agents. Not only does eXp offer a variety of tools and resources to further build one’s career and clientele, but it also offers a sense of community amongst its agents. Thus, you will have access to an entire community of mentors upon joining this brokerage.

Joining eXp

Any licensed Real Estate agent can join eXp. After reading and agreeing to their terms and conditions, you will fulfill all of the requirements necessary to join.

See the steps below for a complete guide to joining eXp and becoming an official member of the community:

  1. Fill out our form to join the Castles Unlimited Team brokered by eXp.

  2. Provide your name, email and phone number as well as any additional employment information

  3. We will get back to you shortly afterwards!

What Resources Are Available to You Upon Joining eXp?

Technological Support

Although there are many technological resources offered by eXp, I have found the kvCORE platform to be most helpful. This is largely due to the fact that it is a tool that consolidates any and all business and it offers agents a free website building tool.

To access kvCORE, visit this page and log into your eXp account.

Once you have logged in, the left-hand side bar will contain a series of icons, each representing organizational tools for you to use. Some tools allow you to manage your contacts, listings, marketing campaigns, and transactions.

In addition to these features, you may build your own custom website under the “Website Manager.” From here you may fill in your information into the respective fields. You can add as little as some contact information and as much as detailed blog posts of your listings.

Please see my eXp website as an example.

Training Sessions

Perhaps the most beneficial of eXp’s resources are the training programs, as they provide you with valuable information needed to navigate eXp as well as the Real Estate industry.

A wide variety of topics are discussed, ranging from general information about the Real Estate industry to navigating social media platforms. In each of these programs, agents will not only obtain valuable information, but they will also learn how to market themselves. While being able to navigate the eXp platform is necessary to succeed, one must also know how to effectively market themselves, as this makes them more accessible to a larger audience and clientele.

eXp World

In my many years of experience in the Real Estate industry, I have not seen a feature as unique as eXp World. eXp World is a platform in which business, meetings, and socialization can be conducted all within the medium of a virtual environment.

You can create your own virtual avatar and conduct business within an entirely virtual world. In my experience, this is one of the most helpful tools offered by eXp because you can speak directly to any agent no matter how far away they are from you, physically.

This is a tool completely free to use that allows you to communicate in real time with agents around the world. I have gained many valuable pieces of information and insights through eXp’s network of agents. These pieces of advice have helped me with my own business, and I am sure that they will help you with yours as well!

What Does it Mean to Be a 100% Commission Company?

The eXp business model is designed to promote and ensure the success of its agents. Essentially, eXp is a company who’s top priority is the success of its agents.

In order to achieve that, eXp has designed an 80/20 commission split system in which there is a $16,000 annual cap. After that $16,000 has been paid, agents receive 100% commission for the rest of the year.

Furthermore, you may receive additional benefits for sponsoring agents who join eXp. You can obtain a small percentage of your recruit’s commission, and should that new agent recruit other agents, you may receive a percentage of their commissions as well.

In addition to these substantial benefits, agents are able to purchase eXp stock. This means that you can become an owner of a small share of the company, and you can watch it grow along with the company. All of this is done without you even needing to maintain your stock.

In Conclusion…

It goes without saying that eXp has many benefits, all geared towards helping each and every agent make the most money that they can in the Real Estate industry. From training programs to marketing tools to stock shares to a growing community of agents, eXp will take you to the next step in your career.

All of this information and more can be found on the following eXp Websites:

To learn more about any of the topics discussed here, check out The eXponential Files, a new podcast show hosted by Jim Lowenstern and Larry Lawfer. Every Friday at 2PM Jim and Larry dive into all there is to know about eXp and how it can help you and your team.

For any questions, please feel free to reach out to Larry and I by clicking on the “Contact Us” button in the top right corner.

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